The Borough of Bridgeport has three parks which comprise the protected lands within the Borough: Bridgeport Memorial Park, located along Grove Street between Union Avenue and Ninth Street; Veterans Memorial Park, located at the intersection of DeKalb and Fourth Streets; and the Anthony Chiccino Athletic Field, located near Sixth Street between the Route 100 High Speed Line and Route 202. The specific elements provided at each of the parks is described below.

Bridgeport Memorial Park  

Bridgeport Memorial Park was previously owned by the Bridgeport Community Fund, a not-for-profit corporation. During the first Montgomery County Open Space program, the Borough utilized $315,000 from the fund to purchase 9.45 acres of the undeveloped portion of the park and place an easement on the remaining nine acres of active recreation land. The topography of the park is flat and provides playing fields, a running/walking track, picnic facilities, tennis and basketball courts, as well as an accessory building and parking. The edge of the park along Grove Street and Union Avenue consists of a very steep slope, running from the plateau of the park to the roadway. The significant drop from the plateau provides spectacular views of the Schuykill River Valley. This vista is somewhat unique public amenity among the communities located along the Schuylkill River. Many similar vistas overlooking the river valley in other communities are only visible from privately owned land and thus are not a publicly available resource.

Veterans Memorial Park  

Veterans Memorial Park is located at one of the busiest intersections within the Borough at DeKalb Pike (Route 202) and Fourth Street (Route 23). Coming over the bridge fro the Schuylkill River, the park stands out as a prominent landmark. While the park itself is relatively small at just 0.50 acres, it is designed to maximize the limited space available. The park includes a statue, circular walk, benches and extensive landscaping. There is no parking adjacent to the site, due to its location, but parking is available on the surrounding streets.

Chiccino Athletic Field  

This 7.5 acre athletic field is a flat, multi-purpose field providing facilities for organized games of softball, soccer and football. The field has a lighting system that allows it to be used for night games of needed. The amenities at the field include bleachers, bathrooms and other miscellaneous buildings. The property is owned by the Borough but utilized by the Community Fund under and existing agreement.

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